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Silver superiority

We have become so accustomed to the conveniences of our modern world that we place huge demands on manufacturers to provide increasingly superior products at always-reducing costs. Samsung have played right into our hands with the launch of their cost-cutting C100 cellular phone. ADAM MEGENS gets his fingers racing and palms sweaty with this saucy little sample of ingenuity.

The battery (780mAh) will have to be charged. When charging for the first few times, do follow the manufacturer recommendations. Apart from charging, insert your SIM card, clip the battery on and enjoy.

As discussed above, this little unit is a pleasure to operate. I didn’t have to consult the operator manual once throughout the testing period. There are simply no complicated tasks on this phone. The whole layout and interface is so user-friendly that I really do have to give the designers credit for a job well done. From making a call to changing settings, there are no surprises.

The C100 keeps up the good reputation that the Samsung name has built for itself. This phone delivers on every level. Bear in mind that it is considered an entry-level model, so it does not have all the features and gadgets of upper-end models. It does more than contend with its competitors though, as it is a light-weight stunner that produces the goods with class.

It is about as innovative as most other cellular phones out there, which is not very much. Since the advance of the onboard digital camera, we have not really seen any life-changing breakthroughs. It remains a really great quality product, but no aces up the sleeves on this one.

With a price-tag of only R1 399, you’d be crazy not to jump at the offer. The C100 really brings it home in the matter of Rands and cents. The concept, design and features of the C100 are aimed at an altogether younger target-audience or first-time buyers, and with such value for money I can see this beauty becoming an extremely popular choice. It just makes me wish I was a whole lot younger again!

For more information concerning Samsung sales or support, visit or phone Samsung on +27 11 549-1500

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