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Selecting the perfect notebook

Every professional has a preference when it comes to finding the perfect laptop for mobile working. Some may prefer the latest technology over light-weight, while others may opt for one that fits their busy work schedule, handbag or suitcase. REON COETZEE, Toshiba Regional Sales Manager, Southern Africa gives us a few pointers to take into account.

Currently there are many specifications, new technologies and innovations, plus several other factors that make choosing the most suitable professional laptop a difficult task. Below are some ways that may help when picking the laptop that best suits your individuality and mobile working needs.

Battery life

For professionals on the road, it is important to have long battery power so you can work anywhere ‚ while waiting at the airport, or during long meetings. Some laptops can last up to eight hours allowing you to make the most of your time during travelling periods.

It may also be a good option to extend your battery life with an extra battery pack that you simply replace with your existing battery. This high capacity battery can give you up to 14 hours battery life.

Weight & Size

Thin and light laptops weigh more than 1.8kg but less than 3kg and provide more options for mobile professionals. You will find thin and light laptops have optical drives, larger hard drives and larger displays and are significantly easier to carry around and don’t take up much space in a laptop bag.

Consider the performance that you need

Certain specifications play an integral part in a computer’s performance. One element to look out for is the processor quality (CPU). Level of CPU will depend on your requirements. If you are running a heavy application like 3D animation, a fast level of CPU must be considered. Regular programs like office applications require only a normal CPU level.

Some mobile users may prefer to examine the weight and battery life of laptops. Recent reports have indicated that laptops with LED backlight screens usually consume less battery power and give better colour definition.

Laptop manufacturers continue to raise the bar in computing by providing new and innovative specifications on their latest models. Current models offer a huge storage capacity, with a minimum of 250GB.


For professionals on the go, it is key to have a strong, durable laptop that is robust and not sensitive to small bumps and have a long life cycle.

Check your budget allocation

After assessing all specifications, budget must be considered for any laptop purchase. A product with all the features required may not fit within the user’s budget so you must prioritise which features are most important.

Know your warranty and expansion optionsLocal or international warranty is available on most laptops. Toshiba provides a minimum of two years warranty on all business laptops in Southern Africa with options to extend the warranty period up to five years. Users should also enquire about what options are available for future upgrades such as hard drives, memory and internal expansion cards.

Know your brand

Choosing the right brand is essential as this will determine the reliability, service and quality you get. Toshiba is at the forefront of leading innovation in the laptop industry, providing quality and performance that delivers. Just recently, Toshiba has been named one of the ‚most reliable’ laptops in terms of hardware reliability by SquareTrade.

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