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See TV future at V&A

Hisense is showcasing a number of concept TVs at the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town. The installation, entitled ‚’The Evolution of TV’, is running until 28 November at the main centre court.

The concept TVs show the future of how TVs will develop in the future, compared to how they have evolved over the years: from various old models of TVs, to the recently launched 84‚” UHD LED TV, to some of the newly designed concept TVs.

Since Hisense has entered the South African market in 1996, they have grown to own a 16% share of the TV market and 14% share of the fridge market respectively.

Hisense launched the 84‚” UHD LED TV earlier this year, the largest to be manufactured on South African shores. The new Hisense 84‚” UHD TV offers Smart TV, built-in Wi-Fi and an elegant, narrow frame. It also offers new 4k UHD, or ‚’Ultra High Definition’ technology.

At the Evolution of TV exhibition, concept TVs show the future of what TV can become. They include:

1. Google TV: The Google TV brings the best of Google to the television, helping viewers discover great content from across the TV and internet.

2. 85‚” UHD LED TV: The 85‚” UHD LED TV is one step up from the 84‚” LED TV that Hisense launched in 2013. It has an ultra thin metal frame with optimized TV features and exceptional picture quality.

3. Glasses-Free 3D TV (50‚”): The Glasses free TV gives the illusion of depth, allowing viewing of visuals in crisp 3D without the need for special glasses. The built-in rendering chip also converts 2D to 3D Auto Stereo with up to 2160P resolution.

4. Transparent 3D TV (50‚”): The Transparent 3D TV is the result of actual 3D and virtual 3D technology being merged together, giving an advanced 3D experience. It includes a built-in back light.

5. Laser TV: The Laser TV can project on a massive 100 inch big screen for pure visual enjoyment, and has a long life span of 15 000-20 000 hours. It also contains no harmful substances such as Mercury.

‚”We pride ourselves on being a competitive brand, with a focus on innovation and growth,” says Jerry Liu, General Manager at Hisense South Africa. “”Our installation at the V&A Waterfront shows how we are constantly striving to push the boundaries in terms of home electronics innovation.‚””

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