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SAP bites into Business Suite core

SAP AG has announced the availability of SAP Business Suite applications and industry solutions that are powered by SAP HANA.

First introduced in January 2013, SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA enables customers to run their businesses in real time by bringing together business transactions and operational analytics on a single computing platform.

Core SAP Business Suite applications powered by SAP HANA with industry extensions, available across SAP’s 25 industry applications, accelerate processes like promotion management for retail and consumer product companies, material planning for high-tech firms and spare parts management for auto manufacturers.

‚”Bringing the power of SAP HANA to mission-critical applications in the industries is just the first wave of innovation we are delivering to our SAP Business Suite customers,‚” comments Wayne Borcher Head of Innovation for SAP Africa. ‚”The business transformation of joining the transactional world and analytical worlds is underway and with SAP HANA as the next-generation platform.‚”

Advantages of SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA for customers in all industries include:

· Smarter business models connecting real-time business insight and business transactions for product and service offerings and operational models

· Broad variety of business scenarios, including marketing analysis, financial close, receivables management, consumer and social sentiment analysis, as well as the most used operational reporting and analytics, all specifically optimized to deliver the highest value to customers

· Simpler business interactions allowing business partners and consumers to integrate social media and unstructured data in a single system

Borcher says information systems will finally reach the level of maturity that we have all been striving for over the past few decades. Now that the technological barriers are removed SAP customers will no longer be constrained and can move to a true world of real-time ‚”boundary-less‚” Information i.e. orchestrating processes that persist behind company firewalls (on-premise), in the cloud (on-demand) and from any point of contact (on-device).

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