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SAP AG uses Galaxy tabs

Samsung Electronics recently announced that SAP AG has selected the Galaxy S II and Galaxy Tab 10.1 for internal use.

‚We are very pleased to offer Samsung devices to our global workforce as part of our internal device-agnostic strategy,‚ said Oliver Bussmann, CIO, SAP AG. ‚It’s important for our employees and also our customers to have choices, and SAP software running on Samsung’s Android devices will allow our workforce to do business in the moment. Furthermore, it’s critical that we can secure our business data on these devices using an extensive range of IT policies with enhanced security and manageability features closely integrated with the SAP Mobile Device Management (SAP MDM) package.

‚SAP’s selection of Samsung devices for its employees demonstrates the effectiveness of Samsung smart devices in the enterprise space: a firm like SAP demands the best from its mobile fleet, and Samsung delivers this‚ says Paulo Ferreira, Head of Enterprise Mobility at Samsung Electronics.

Device Functionality

SAP and Samsung Electronics have worked closely together to optimise security on Samsung’s Android devices, providing enhanced IT policies for multiple device management on any scale. The Sybase Afaria 7.0 mobile device management system, available on enterprise class models including Galaxy Note, Galaxy S II, and Galaxy Tablets, offers a large variety of enterprise functions. This helps ensure that businesses can get the most out of their fleet of mobile devices, providing a more flexible and connected workforce.

· Device inventory and tracking allows employers to know where their devices are at all times, delivering peace of mind and helping ensure that any lost devices can be safely reclaimed. If the device cannot be located, this function also enables the remote wiping of the device, meaning that no confidential data will fall into the wrong hands.

· With email and Exchange Account Management, employees can easily access and send emails while out and about and businesses can be sure that confidential information is fully encrypted.

· CTOs (Chief Technology Officer) can also manage the firewalls in place on mobile devices so they can easily match the settings with their own requirements.

· Device managers will be able to determine which apps can and cannot be downloaded onto devices, so they are used efficiently and help ensure that potentially harmful apps are avoided.

· CTOs can also manage restrictions around device functions such as Wi-Fi connectivity, SD Card usage, USB connections, NFC connections, and client certificate management, so that devices are tailored to meet business needs.

· Additional security measures such as Password Policy can be managed, meaning that device managers can set password expiration times and enforce password changes.

Samsung devices also support a wide range of SAP business applications, including the SAP Customer Relationship Management (SAP CRM) – this enables the enterprise sales force to stay connected with customers and allows SAP to consistently deliver the products and services customers need.

Samsung has developed robust, durable and powerful devices capable of meeting the security and reliability needs of enterprise users: it has also been working closely with SAP to provide optimal integration of SAP solutions, providing the best all-round solution to enterprise customers.

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