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Samsung to make TVs in SA



Samsung Electronics is to open a TV manufacturing plant in the Dube Trade Port at King Shaka Airport near Durban, investing $20-million over the next four years.

Samsung Electronics South Africa announced its plan to open a television manufacturing plant in The Dube Trade Port, Durban by end of this year. With total investment of 20 million USD until 2018, the plan demonstrates the company’s effort to satisfy customers in South Africa.

This project is the result of close collaboration between Samsung and the South African authorities – at National and Provincial level. Samsung remains the leading consumer electronics brand in South Africa and we are determined to add value to the South African community in which we operate,” says Matthew Thackrah, Deputy Managing Director of Samsung Electronics South Africa. “The establishment of new plant is another step in our goal to create new business opportunities, products and technology.

After thorough feasibility studies and in association with local authorities, Samsung was able to expedite progress on the project which will deliver socio-economic benefits to the KwaZulu Natal Province and residents. The manufacturing facility will provide job opportunities and encourage the development of skilled and unskilled labour in the region.

The roll-out of the manufacturing plant, alongside Samsung’s nationwide expansion of retail presence with local partners, demonstrates the company’s commitment to growing the local infrastructure and economy.

Samsung South Africa is continuously exploring opportunities which will benefit the country” says Thackrah. “Durban is aligned with these goals and this is an exciting step forward for the company.

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