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Samsung Portable DVD Player

It has never been easier or cheaper to travel. Travel has become one of the world’s most important industries and not only are the jet manufacturers, hospitality and associated service industries benefiting from the increased need for mobility, but the effects are even filtering down to portable entertainment systems writes SEAN BACHER.
As ready as can be, just give the DVD player some juice, as the batteries are not charged out the box. Power it up, slip in a DVD and hit the play button.
Performing simple functions like playing a DVD or CD is easy enough, just pop in the disk and hit the play button. Skipping tracks or fast-forwarding through the disk is also quite straightforward. However, when it comes to navigating the menu and change system settings like the date it does get a bit hair-raising first time round. Luckily there is not that much damage you can cause if you change the wrong option, if worse comes to worse, just press the master reset button.nnnnEverything is controlled by the remote control, which has one touch button for changing the sound, the camera angle, to switch the subtitles on or off and also for zooming in.
Yip, watch you favourite DVDs on the move, the memory buffer ensures that if you bump the DVD you wont have skipping images or miss chunks of the movie. The headphone jacks means you can listen to CDs on the go and with the help of the remote control you can even skip or fast-forward tracks without having to remove the unit from your backpack.
Not really, portable DVD players have been available for quite a while. However, the technology on older portable DVD players was rather limited. This Samsung portable DVD player can be used as a standard DVD player and the only thing lacking from it is the bigger footprint of conventional players.
At R15 999-00 rands, it is a little more expensive than a normal DVD player, but then can you carry a normal DVD player around and watch DVDs on the move? Can you listen to music CDs on the move? Lastly, can you view your holiday snapshots on your normal DVD player let alone on the move?
For a retailer nearest you, contact Samsung on (011) 549-1500.
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