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Samsung leads in LCD TV sales worldwide – and in SA

A new research reports shows that Samsung has taken a commanding lead in worldwide LCD TV market share, controlling 20,4% market share and selling 4 837M units in the last quarter. Sony is in distant second place, followed by LG, Philips and Sharp. Its lead is even bigger in the Middle East and Africa, and in South Africa it moves one out of every four LCD TVs sold.

According to a report by internationally affiliated research corporation, Displaysearch, electronics giant Samsung has come out on top in the LCD TV market share stakes, controlling 20,4% market share and selling 4 837m units in the second quarter of 2008. Samsung was followed by Sony which took up 13% and selling 3 069m units, LG with 10% and 2 357m units, Philips with 9,4% or 2 214m units and Sharp with 9,4% or 2 053m units. This translates to one out of five LCD TV screens sold around the world being a Samsung product. In Suth Africa, that’s closer to one out of four, with a 24,1% market share for Samsung.

A 40″ Series 8 LCD TV from Samsung

In the Middle East and African LCD TV market Samsung achieved a phenomenal 163% growth rate during the first quarter of 2008 to become the top seller with 23,6% market share. According to the Asia-Pacific GFK report, Samsung topped the LCD TV market both in terms of units and revenue in most Middle East and African countries. The report also states that Samsung enjoys a market share by volume of 39,2% in Iran and 40,8% in Saudi Arabia. The president of Samsung Middle East & Africa, Chiwon Suh, says: ‚Samsung is doing well in the Middle East and Africa because we have gained the trust and support of the market through strong technological and design know-how, luxurious display products, a powerful brand image, and premium marketing that appeal to the high-end consumer segment of the market. We aim to further improve our marketing campaign to strengthen our position even more as the leading LCD manufacturer in this region’s TV market.‚ There has been exponential growth in the LCD TV market globally, but North America still remains the fiercest market in which manufacturers compete. Samsung was the only company that managed to increase its unit share from the previous quarter to 18,3% among the top five players in the North American market. Samsung has led the market for the eighth straight quarter since the third quarter of 2006. During the first half of 2008, the company sold more than nine million units. During the second quarter of 2008, Samsung ranked top in sales revenue share with 23.9% This is attributed to the remarkable performance of the premium Crystal Rose full HD LCD TV which sold half a million units in this quarter alone leaving by Sony (17.0%), LG Electronics (9.6%), Sharp (9.2%) and Philips (8.8%) well behind in their market share.

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