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Samsung launches Smart Signage

Samsung Electronics South Africa recently announced Smart Signage TV, a device designed for SMEs that combines the information and promotional benefits of a digital display with the entertainment value of live TV for business customers.

Samsung Smart Signage TV has been optimised and tailored for shop owners’ needs. Organisations can divide the display screen into multiple sections and show a wide range of materials, such as promotional banners and menus, via video, image and text. The embedded content management system also makes it easy to create and exhibit promotions, even from a mobile device. It is delivered as a turn-key offering that includes the commercial display, software, stand and wall mount.

Until now, many SMBs and small shop owners had to rely on consumer TVs to display key information in their stores, which limits not only customer engagement opportunities with their brand, but also operating capabilities to communicate, update and change promotional materials,” said Mike van Lier, Divisional Head of Enterprise Business Team (EBT) at Samsung Electronics SA. “Our latest smart signage innovation changes the paradigm and provides a better customer and employee experience.

High Reliability and Durability

The new business solution is designed for longer continuous operation, enabling the display of promotional materials up to 16 hours a day, seven days a week, all while delivering optimal viewing. All components are backed by a three-year warranty guaranteed for in-store use.

Tailored and Packaged Solution

From installation to promotion, it is easy-to-setup and includes everything store owners need in order to rapidly create, schedule and display information. The all-in-one-box solution includes a LED TV with an embedded TV tuner and stand, content management software, full high-definition (FHD) capability, embedded WiFi, a remote control and VESA-compatible mounting accessories.

The package ensures that there is no requirement for an additional audio and video device to store or play business material. By using the advanced software, details can be delivered to the embedded media player conveniently and via a USB or wirelessly from a WiFi-enabled mobile device. Further to this, the TV can be transformed into a powerful communication tool by utilising more than 200 pre-built design templates and sample imagery.

Easy-to-Use Content Creation and Management

The creation and deployment of personalised promotional materials, including multiple types of information within one screen, is stress-free and convenient. The product features MagicInfo Express which is also a Samsung software product and this makes it easy to update communication such as discounts, store hours, special events and other promotional information. The software enables easy development, publishing, management and scheduling in any sequence, duration, time-of-day and day-of-week if required.

Included in the package is also MagicInfo Mobile, which allows for quick updates or the upload of photos to promotional materials from a mobile device using the mobile App (Android or iOS). Similarly, wireless capability via a built-in WiFi eliminates cable clutter and enables seamless connectivity with various external devices, including router and network, PC and mobile, along with wireless content transferring.

Van Lier concludes: “It is essential for businesses to be able to clearly and efficiently engage with their customers, as it contributes to a value-added and integrated shopping experience. Organisations are therefore increasingly looking to digital signage as a solution. Samsung’s innovations are intuitive and developed with the business user in mind, providing a gateway to new experiences and more efficient business practices.

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