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Samsung gives phones Vitamin boost

Samsung has announced the Vitamin App for its devices. The app is designed to help users gain a better understanding of a device and its features, switch personal information from one device to another and remotely diagnose and troubleshoot any problems.

As the body requires vitamins to function effectively, so does the most innovative smart devices. With this in mind, Samsung has introduced the Vitamin app for its mobile devices, to provide a new level of customer intelligence through analytics, by seamlessly delivering information about the device, at the click of a button.

Available for download from a Galaxy mobile device, the Vitamin App offers valuable information across a range of Samsung products, including smartphones, televisions and cameras. “We continuously strive to improve our service offering to consumers. They demand instant feedback but are also tech savvy and search for information themselves. This led to the creation of the portal, that offers consumers insight into products they use daily, thereby increasing the performance and their overall satisfaction,” says Michelle Potgieter, Director of Corporate Marketing and Communications at Samsung Electronics SA.

Gaining an understanding of the various functionalities and capabilities of Samsung products, as well as enjoying a direct communication channel to Samsung, are some of the key benefits of this exclusive value offering. This customer experience is a Samsung differentiator – and this app in addition to other service channels, including Samsung stores, Smart Care Centres, DionWired and other leading retailers, ensures consumers can easily access the brand, anywhere in the country.

The Vitamins app supplies healthy and fresh information of our products, anywhere, anytime – thus delivering an enhanced brand experience. Consumers can get the most up to date information on products, by simply downloading it from the Samsung App and Google Play stores.

“The app offers a safe and convenient portal for the management of Samsung products, with a personalised support centre, empowering users to send requests, administer product warranties and track repairs. With this app and the improved eco-system offering, Samsung is driving customer-centricity to a whole new level of engagement,” says Potgieter.

The customer care section on the app is a one stop shop for advice guides including frequently asked questions. Customers can use the easy-to-understand book-in service to register products for technical inquiries, service reservation and check product repair progress across the entire Samsung range. This section also offers a more comprehensive guide on how to understand a product’s warranty terms and conditions, network data set up and a daily LiveChat support feature all at a click of a button. The in-hand troubleshoot segment features frequently searched for products, finding a model number and how-to guides which respond to questions varying from battery charging challenges to camera functionality.

In order to provide a value added service and further enhance the customer experience – a smart service feedback form is included for easy access to the Smart Care Support team. Customers can complete the relevant information and the team will get in touch as soon as possible to assist with any suggestions and queries.

The virtual experience is an interactive step-by-step guide for customers to get more information pertaining to their devices. It is complemented by how-to videos and features capabilities to link to YouTube and other video sites for service, marketing and a host of useful clips, for an improved user experience.

Samsung has added an informative tool to help users choose key apps for their devices – to enhance and support their mobile communication experience, including:

· Smart tutor: An easy, quick and safe way of consulting for Android Smart phones. It can be used to diagnose the device remotely in order to optimise its performance and give functional advice.

· Smart switch: Transfer data from one device to another. Users switching to the latest Samsung Galaxy device can do so simpler and smarter. With the freedom to wirelessly move contacts, photos, calendar, messages, device settings and more to the new Galaxy device. Plus, Smart Switch helps customers find their favourite apps for the new device, or will suggest something similar from more than 700,000 apps on Google Play.

¬∑ User’s digest: Get answers to frequently asked questions. The Samsung Galaxy User Digest is designed to provide users a simple understanding of how Samsung products key benefits are integrated in their lifestyles.Note3 + Gear: Samsung Galaxy User Digest – Note3 + Gear Edition is designed to provide users a simple understanding of how the devices are integrated in their life. The Samsung Note3 features an improved S Pen that will change the way users go about their daily routine, making everyday tasks easier and more joyful.

Tips and News keeps the user up to date with the latest information, ensuring the smooth operation of all products and apps. Customers can get help if the device is running slower than normal, change the location of icons on the notification panel and modify the storage position of the installed apps.

To further improve consumer mobile communication experience, integrated within the Vitamin app is the ‚Äòpush’ function which utilises a delivery notification system with real-time capabilities to alert the user, on any software upgrades or changes on the device. With this feature, updates are implemented for a holistic brand satisfaction, without user intervention.

Consumers are demanding more from customer service, so meeting their expectations requires an enterprise-wide understanding and commitment and Samsung is ready for this paradigm shift,” says Potgieter.

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