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Samsung flies in with jet engine air conditioner

Samsung has launched the Q9000 air conditioner, the world’s first that uses jet engine technology to cool or heat air faster than any other conventional unit.

‚”Featuring an impressive power technology, this system immediately cools or heats up the air so consumers do not have to wait for their rooms to be at the perfect temperature. It is as easy as turning on the system and getting a cooler room in warmer months or a warmer one when the season changes. With Samsung’s unique smart inverter technology it can alsosave up to 76% energy which reduces operational costs,‚” says Michael McKechnie, Business Leader for Digital Air Solutions at Samsung Electronics South Africa.

Smart Temperature: cools/heats faster and further

The three vents use jet engine technology to create a whirlwind effect. This captures the air in a circular movement and provides a spin that creates a jet stream delivering up to 50% more cool/warm air than conventional air conditioners. Because the Jet Engine air conditioner features a slim design, air moves through the unit much faster meaning it also cools/heats 20% faster than conventional air-conditions.

Smart Protection: protect your family and the product

The Jet Engine air conditioner uses the Zero Filter magnetic mechanism to attract and capture even the smallest dust particles and boasts a built in Virus Doctor, which removes 99% of airborne viruses and bacteria: it creates a more tranquil environment. What’s more, it comes with an automatic 320V cut off power protection feature which provides protection against power surges. Once the power returns to normal the air conditioner will auto restart.

Smart Saving: save energy, money and earth’s resources

The Jet Engine air conditioner uses inverter technology which not only provides comfort air with sensitive temperature control, but saves energy. A conventional air-conditioner starts cooling the room and when it reaches the desired temperature, the compressor stops: meaning the unit needs to start up again when the temperature rises. With inverter technology however, the compressor doesn’t stop rather it starts strongly to reach the desired temperature quicker and then levels out to a constant. This not only means less temperature fluctuation: it ultimately assures you greater comfort, which can be achieved in a matter of minutes depending on your setting should you only use one vent, it only uses 20% energy and at full speed an energy saving of up to 76% through the inverter technology which means less energy costs and a green footprint.

‚”The Jet Engine air conditioner is a premium unit that appeals to the lifestyle requirements of customers who want an aesthetically pleasing, eco-friendly and innovative digital air solution all year round,‚” concludes McKechnie.

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