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Samsung DVD-S427

DVDs are becoming more and more synonymous with home movies. What used to be expensive luxury items, are now standard lounge equipment. SEAN BACHER tries out the new Samsung DVD-S427, the epitome of DVD players.
Just unpack it, connect it up and you are ready to have you first movie night. Unlike VCRs, you don’t need to tune the DVD into your TV and vicar-versa, just connect it to your video input on your television.nnSound wise it is also ready to use, built into this unit is a Dolby Digital decoder and the S427 is even Surround Sound 5.1 compatible.
Playing a DVD is dead easy. Slip the DVD in, wait for it to load and hit the play button. If you want to navigate to different options on the DVD, just use the four-way direction pad and enter button to activate other options. nnNavigating the DVD player’s menu is quite simple too, changing your sound options is as easy as scrolling down to the audio option and using the left or right buttons to scroll through the audio options. You also have the option of changing the audio option whilst watching a DVD by pressing the Audio button on the remote.
Yip, it does all it says it can do. However, functions like multi-angle and S-Fit may not work on all DVDs, the actual disc has to support the feature in order for it to work.
Not really, a DVD player is a DVD player. The only innovative aspect of the Samsung is the ability to operate your television with the DVD’s remote.
R3 000 is quite hefty for a DVD player but remember, the S427 is at the top of Samsung’s range at the moment and has a bunch of tricks built into it that many people wont ever dream of using. If you just want to play DVDs, you might want to opt for one of Samsung’s lower end models but if you’re a keen DVD fanatic then we suggest you get the S427 right away.
The Samsung DVD-S427 is available from most audio/visual shops nation wide and costs R3 000.
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