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Samsung dominates monitors



The International Data Corporation has announced that Samsung Electronics has led the global monitor market for 20 consecutive quarters despite the global economic downturn.

According to the International Data Corporation (IDC), Samsung had 17.2% and 14.7% of the global monitor market in terms of value and unit respectively, in the second quarter, maintaining the global market leadership for 20 consecutive quarters from the third quarter of 2006. In the Korean market alone, it has kept the leadership even for 46 consecutive quarters, equivalent to 11 straight years.

Samsung was the only company that sold more than 5 million units both in the first and second quarters of 2011, once again reaffirming that it is the world’s best monitor brand reputation.

In particular, Samsung performed well in emerging markets such as the Middle East, Africa and Central and South America.

Samsung showed a drastic market share increase in these regions—up by 5.2% points from the first quarter to 24.5% in the Middle East and Africa market, and by 4.2% points to 28.9% in the Central and South America market.

Samsung’s LED monitor sales grew by 7.9% year over year in terms of units, becoming the only company as a monitor manufacturer that reached above 20% of the LED monitor market share. This means that one out of every five LED monitors sold in the first half were Samsung’s monitors.

Many factors have supported such successes. Samsung has continued to launch premium products such as 3D monitors and professional monitors featuring wide-viewing angles. At the same time, it has always sought after an innovative corporate culture to create products with new concepts such as central station monitors.

‚Samsung will continue to bring further innovation to products to cement our market leadership in the display business,‚ said Bennie Budler, Product Manager for IT Products at Samsung Electronics South Africa.


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