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Samsung clicks with new Smart camera

Samsung has released the DV180F Smart Camera, the latest addition to its Smart Camera range. It features front LCD capabilities, a 16.2MP lens and weighs just 113g for ultra portability.

Samsung says the portable and stylish features of the camera, along with its classic design and modern touch, make it the “go-to” device for family and self-portraits.

The Samsung DV180F is the perfect companion for consumers who want an entry-level camera equipped with up-to-the-minute functionality and the latest technology,” said Michael Gibson, Digital Imaging Part Leader at Samsung Electronics South Africa. “With a powerful 16 megapixel lens, our newest Smart camera captures those treasured moments with outstanding detail. This fantastic device also comes with digital image stabilisation, which helps in taking precise shots, even when you’re on-the-move.

Boasting a front LCD Camera, the Samsung DV180F Smart camera “lines up the best shot and allows everyone to be part of the image”. The snaps can then be shared on social networks whenever a Wi-Fi connection is available. The range of Smart Filters on the camera inspires users to produce creative edits: for example, the Cartoon filter makes any photo look like an animated film scene.

Consumers don’t have to worry about running out of memory: with Cloud, photos can be wirelessly uploaded to cloud services so that images can then be viewed anytime on a smartphone or tablet, or downloaded to a PC later.

At Samsung, we always strive to offer our customers the next level in smart technology,” says Gibson. “The DV180F does just that – with its wireless sharing capabilities it is great for people who want to update their friends instantly.

Additional Features, as supplied by Samsung, include:

· Smart Auto (Still & Movie) instantly analyses key elements of your composition then automatically adjusts to capture the best shot with a multitude of different photo modes and movie modes.

· Live Panorama allows users to capture every detail of skylines and mountain ranges to create astounding 180º panoramic images. Images can be previewed on the LCD before it is even snapped.

· Samsung Smart Camera App features Remote Viewfinder, AutoShare, and MobileLink without having to download each app individually. Consumers can open all three apps at once, with the touch of a finger.

¬∑ Software Upgrade Notifier provides a notification window on the camera’s screen to tell users when an update is available. Connect the camera to your PC for the upgrade, and start using the latest features without delay.

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