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Samsung Ch@t reaches 150 000 users

Samsung’s instant messaging service – Ch@t- that integrates with BBM and the iPhone has just reached over 150 000 registered users the company has announced.

Samsung Electronics has announced that its instant messaging (IM) service, Ch@t, has reached over 150 000 registered users since its inception in December last year. In fact, in the last two months, Samsung Ch@t has seen a 1500% increase, with one record day – adding 20 000 users.

Says Brett Loubser, B2C Apps Development Lead at Samsung South Africa: ‚Since the launch of our communications platform Ch@t, we have seen significant growth in the use of this service among consumers, showing the large need for consumers to always be in instant contact. And now, given the fact that Ch@t is at present open to other devices ‚ not only are we seeing users move away from current leading chat services, but we are likely to see this growth increase going forward.‚

With an estimated 5.3 billion* mobile subscribers globally (which is an estimated 77% of the world population), there is a high demand coming from the consumer market to be able to access relevant applications on their mobile devices that best suit their everyday needs ‚ one of which is instant communication at a convenient cost.

In line with this and in an aim to continue to provide consumers with mobile applications that they want, as well as to provide them with added benefits, Samsung South Africa are now offering loyalty rewards to users of the Samsung Ch@t application. Continues Loubser: ‚At its core, Ch@t is an IM messaging application, but it is also a loyalty based reward scheme. Points can be earned in the application, and these points can be redeemed in-app for airtime. Samsung users earn twice the points of non-Samsung users so in essence, it pays to use Samsung!‚

Ch@t launched as a Java application that runs on many Samsung mobile devices with Java capabilities. Users are able to download the application free of charge, allowing them to communicate via a chat client in real time and at a reduced cost over standard SMS messages. Ch@t draws contacts from the user’s contact list on their mobile phone – enabling users to communicate with each other simpler and faster. It was also created locally, in line with Samsung’s built for Africa drive ‚ further driving software skills developments and local app development. Jason Perthel, CEO & Founder of Blazingchilli Limited and developer of the Ch@t platform and service says: ‚Our single-minded objective in developing ch@t, was to provide an exceptional user experience based on open-accessibility, speed, reliability and effectively at zero cost. The current growth trends and positive feedback are testimony to this.‚

Ch@t is one of the few truly cross platform IM solutions currently available out there, connecting to the BBM platform as well as iOS to name but a few – where consumers can Ch@t from a Galaxy S II smartphone right down to our E2120 device ‚ where in fact, over 500 phone models are currently supported.

Concludes Loubser: ‚We have a long term strategy with this application for our consumers, where additional features and functionality are being added constantly, like this loyalty based reward scheme. Samsung is committed to not only offering the South African consumer the latest innovative technology, but also the ability to have access to applications that will truly make a difference to their communication experience, and that will reward them in the long run. This Ch@t service and reward scheme is just another way we are enhancing the overall user experience of Samsung mobile devices ‚ through convenience and rewards.‚


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