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Samsung call centre system for SMEs arrives in SA

Sole distributor for Samsung telecommunication and PABX equipment in Sub-Saharan Africa, MIA Telecoms, has launched Samsung Communication Manager Express. This IP-based solution is designed for midsize businesses with smaller IT staffs.

MIA Telecoms, the sole distributor of Samsung telecommunication and PABX equipment in Sub-Saharan Africa, has launched Samsung Communication Manager (SCM) Express edition, a pure IP-based comprehensive all-in-one solution, designed for midsize business with smaller IT staffs, delivering enterprise-level performance. SCM Express integrates the benefits of call control and rich applications such as conference, Unified Communications and mobility essential to midsize business on a single server. MIA Telecoms managing director Bryan Driessel says SCM Express is a complete midsize business solution that integrates powerful applications into an affordable package that’s simple to manage and use. ‚SCM Express delivers a compelling value proposition for midsize businesses, it boasts a comprehensive communications solution including IP Telephony, Mobility, Messaging, Conferencing, Unified Communications and Customer Contact capabilities and Microsoft and IBM integration.‚ ‚Furthermore, a low Total Cost of Ownership. Bundled software license lowers software costs, single-server architecture reduces hardware costs and the solution simplicity lowers management costs. More importantly, simple management and use. SCM Express installs in under a few hours and easy management tools reduce time and money spent on system administration,‚ he explains. SMEs have the same business challenges and requirements as large enterprises, but they have far fewer IT resources, staff and budget at their disposal. Because of this, they prefer to adopt technology in incremental steps, purchasing only the products that they need at a particular time. Samsung’s SCM Express is a pure IP-based all-in-one solution for midsize businesses who are struggling with high IT costs. It integrates Samsung Communication Manager for call control and rich applications such as conference, Unified Communications and mobility on a single server. ‚For enhanced performance as your business grows, simply add user licenses. SCM Express offers increased sophistication and choices for growth for midsize business,‚ he says. ‚SCM Express eliminates hassles and aggravation of server and application setup-up. Simplified installation and setup lowers the cost of sales and maintenance.‚ Samsung’s SCM Express single server configuration includes: ¬∑ Voicemail ¬∑ Unified Communications (IP-UMS) ¬∑ Call centre client by Samsung ¬∑ 64-party conference bridge ¬∑ Mobex ¬∑ Fixed Mobile Client (FMC) ¬∑ IP Telephony ¬∑ Software upgradable to 50 000 users With SCM Administrator, SCM Express integrates all administrative functionality for system database applications and troubleshooting so that systems can be managed effectively and efficiently. SCM Administrator ensures total business network quality with high reliability. Also, real-time service quality for IP telephony resolves problems faster – before they become problems. SCM can support redundancy and survivability, it can be configured for full “Active Standby”” but, if there is a loss of service from the SCM, the media gateway would provide survivability so that users can continue to communicate. In addition, SCM Express supports redundant NIC. High Availability redundancy provides seamless service in virtually any situation. SCM is a server using the existing OS7200/7400 as gateways making the capacity on a IP-based platform more attractive and expanding the extension offering. It is a control module without uplifting existing hardware to expand current PABX offerings. SCM Express is designed for midsize business customers in any vertical that values mobility and the flexibility to be fully connected and functional on the road or at home office, those requiring between 100 – 500 extensions with a maximum of 3000.

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