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Samsung brings 1TB SSD to SA

Samsung has announced the local availability of the Samsung Solid State Drive (SSD) 840 EVO, which offers 1TB of storage space and a tool for optimising its performance.

The 840 EVO is the company’s new addition to its line-up of superior SSDs, aimed at enhancing the consumer’s PC experience.

“The new SSD line-up, offering up to 1TB of memory and an optimised software tool, ensures consumers can enjoy high storage volume and improved speed,” says Mike Van Lier, Divisional Head of Enterprise Business Team (EBT) at Samsung Electronics SA.

With the shift of hard disk drives moving to solid state drives (SSDs) as technology advances, it really becomes a question of which SSD to choose. Innovation and technology have been forged to create a product that offers superior performance and with a slew of powerful and unique features, making it the best option for consumers’ and their PC upgrade needs.

Combining the best SSD technologies, 840 EVO delivers excellent capabilities to change everyday PC usage. It comes with a stylish design, high reliability consumers can count on and useful features to assist users to optimally make use of the device. The new Samsung SSD combines the finest hardware components and will give customers the all-in-one result with top-notch operations they demand,” says Van Lier.

At Samsung, we use the best quality NAND flash memory chips from our own manufacturing lines for SSDs. Memory chips with the highest quality and greatest longevity potential are selected for SSDs, the most demanding of memory applications. With all the components, including controllers and DRAM produced by Samsung, the quality of Samsung’s SSD is assured. Advanced new firmware that optimises how the components go together enables Samsung to serve up the right combination of performance and reliability.

Van Lier also highlights the following as key features of the new technology:

¬∑ The SSD 840 EVO is significantly faster than a standard HDD. The 3-bit MLC NAND flash memory stores data more efficiently, which increases both speed and reliability. Whether it’s a heavy workload like video file editing or a simple task like a virus scan, the hard drive runs every job smoothly and quickly. Multitasking is more efficient and several tasks can be performed simultaneously, nearly three times faster than a regular HDD.

· With its robust strength, 840 EVO boasts an incredibly long life expectancy and a very low failure rate.

Samsung also offers a 3-year warranty. Its reliability does not apply only to its physique. Equipped with Advanced Signal Processing, 840 EVO automatically corrects errors, which assists with the data’s stability. In addition, SSD’s health status can be tracked using the Samsung Self-Monitoring Analysis & Reporting Technology (SMART), which identifies any unforeseen errors before they occur.

· With the 840 EVO, upgrades are easy and rapid. Using a SATA-to-USB 3.0 connector included in the laptop upgrade package, for a data size of 100GB, users can migrate all the data from the HDD to 840 EVO in only 24 minutes. Using the One-stop Install Navigator software toolkit, the SSD installation is quick. The Auto Install guide will take consumers smoothly through the whole installation process. The Samsung Data Migration software features a three-step process with options to help migrate data in an optimal way. Users can conveniently monitor and manage their SSD with the Samsung Magician software, which is included in the toolkit. Samsung Magician helps to enhance performance with benchmarking, advanced OS optimisation and disk health status tracking.

The introduction of SSD 840 EVO shows our commitment to continue to develop leading-edge SSD products and software solutions that are world-class. With our latest innovation, we are offering higher consumer satisfaction and are strengthening the competitiveness of our branded memory business,” concludes Van Lier.

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