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SA Winner for Tomb Raider Soundtrack on XBOX

MadLove has been named as the top artist inspired by Xbox 360 games, as Microsoft reveals its collaboration with Universal Music on a new gaming album.

The band MadLove has been crowned as the South Africa winner of the Xbox Soundtracks competition. MadLove’s Angel’s Fall track for Tomb Raider was rated the best track by visitors to the contest site. For the past month, thousands of musicians and gamers from across Europe have been creating new music tracks inspired by the latest high-definition games on the Xbox 360. From the colourful fantasy of Viva Pi√±ata to the gritty battles of Halo 3, DJs, bands and composers have created tracks cut to a wide range of the latest Xbox 360 titles. Gaming and music fans then logged on to view and rate the entries, and MadLove emerged as the winner.

‚We’re ecstatic!!!!! It’s the greatest news we’ve ever received. We pray that this result opens doors for us to get our music out to the world,‚ gushed Shahir Chundra, lead singer of MadLove. ‚Thank you so much XBOX and especially everyone around the world who voted for us!!!‚

To accompany Xbox Soundtracks, which is all about creating your own soundtrack to your gaming whatever your personal taste, Microsoft has also revealed that it has been working on a compilation album with Universal Music based on a gaming concept. START is designed as a selection of tunes to wrap your ears around and get you started with alternative game soundtracks. Artists included on the album include Kasabian and the Scissor Sisters remix that started the whole project. The album will be available across Europe next month.

Musical superstars from around the world have also taken part in the project, with Scissor Sisters cutting a re-mix to Halo Wars and Roger Sanchez creating an exclusive track to accompany upcoming Xbox 360 game Too Human. Entrants to the competition could find these and loads of other tunes created especially for Xbox Soundtracks from top DJs and bands at to help inspire their own creation.

MadLove will record their track in Universal Music studio in Johannesburg, with the help of their producers and engineers.

To hear how the hottest new music-makers have been inspired by their favourite Xbox games and view the judges’ favourites and the winning track, visit

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