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SA band’s Prime iPhone app

Prime Circle fans can now access exclusive content and information from a newly launched iPhone application called Jekyll & Hyde.

PRIME CIRCLE fans are in for a surprise when the country’s top rock band will be available at the touch of a keypad. Fans can start whipping out their iPhones, as their brand new iPhone application is now live at the AppStore.

PRIME CIRCLE, South Africa’s most successful rock band is taking their music directly to their fans, in a whole new way. The band has been the epitome of a world class rock act, for the past ten years, applying every tool at their disposal to engage with each and every one of their fans. True to form, they are now taking their SAMA-nominated, platinum selling album, Jekyll and Hyde straight to their fan’s Apple devices!

The Jekyll & Hyde iPhone application is designed to offer fans a more intimate experience of PRIME CIRCLE’s most recent SAMA nominated album, Jekyll & Hyde. Right from the opening screen, fans can access exclusive content and information not available anywhere else. Amongst other items, fans can access streaming clips of each track for listening and can also watch an exclusive video for the band’s latest single Never Gonna Bring Us Down.

The App was designed and developed by leading SA music technology provider Exactmobile, and was launched on the iTunes platform on 17 May 2011. The supported platforms it will work on are iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch: the device must be working off OS version 4.0 or higher in order to function. It will be available for free download at

The application also offers fans a personal biography for each band member, as well as a feature called ‚Jekyll and Hyde Moments‚ . This is unique to the Jekyll & Hyde application and PRIME CIRCLE fans will not find this information anywhere else. Each band member has offered up personal life moments, categorised as Jekyll (lighter) or Hyde (darker) moments. So if you’ve ever wanted information about Ross, Dirk, Dale, Marco and Neil’s lighter and darker sides, now you know where to get it!

The application also offers an up-to-date gig guide. Once you have selected the gig that you are interested in, the application will display a map and offer personalised directions from your current location to the gig. This is done by the use of LBS [Location Based Services], via the GPS in the handset. This feature is also linked to gigs for the band’s May/June European tour, and will be used by both fans and the band themselves to find the gigs! So it’s not just for fun ‚ but also for functionality!

The application was developed over the period of a month and was birthed late in 2010 when Exactmobile decided to partner with a South African artist to showcase their new technology.

‚We chose to partner with PRIME CIRCLE for this project as they are one of South Africa’s top artists,‚ says Gillian Ezra, Director of Entertainment Services for Exactmobile. ‚The Jekyll and Hyde album in particular is an exciting project, perfect for mobile application, right from the outstanding SAMA nominated artwork to the music. iPhone apps are one of the many digital products we offer to the music industry, and we are very proud of this collaboration.‚

Fans can check out for more information on the Jekyll & Hyde application and other exciting products. Follow us on twitter at @Exactmobile [Exactmobile news] or @ExactMusic [specifically for music news and label followers]

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