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Runtastic races into SA

Local IT distributors Wintec Solutions will this month introduce South Africans to Runtastic, a fitness tracking app and hardware brand from Austria.

Runtastic offers products and services that focus on gathering and managing sporting metrics via downloadable applications, turning your Smartphone into the ultimate fitness instrument. Unlike traditional data and fitness monitoring equipment which tend to be hardware based and expensive, Runtastic has modeled its offerings on versatility and affordability.

The Runtastic Apps are feature rich and are developed for all major smart phone operating systems, allowing users to utilize their pre existing hardware for their fitness monitoring needs. The Runtastic App is a multi sport, multi training tracker allowing users to track all forms of sporting disciplines whether indoor or outdoor.(please visit, for more info)

The Runtastic’s apps are complimented by a selection of hardware products including a GPS pulse watch, Receiver & Chest Strap, Sports Armband as well as services like an online training log with detailed analysis, to help users to their reach fitness goals. The Runtastic site also acts as a social network for fitness fanatics, and is full of interactive and reward based features . This offering sets Runtastic apart from the competition, in particular their recently introduced live tracking feature which allows users to interact with fellow athletes in real time, sharing goals, workouts and more.

Since launching in 2009, Runtastic has grown rapidly. In January 2012 Runtastic cracked the 5 million app download mark, and their apps track more than 1 million kilometers every day. The fitness site is translated into 7 languages, and the Runtastic app is available in more than 15 languages.

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