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Rodriguez to announce partnership

Writer and producer, Robert Rodriguez will announce a partnership between AMD and Quick Draw at this year’s Comic-Con to be held in San Diego from 21-24 July.

Award-winning writer / producer / director Robert Rodriguez will take the stage at Comic-Con 2011 on Thursday, July 21st to reveal the first slate of film and new media projects under his new banner, Quick Draw Productions. The filmmaker will also announce a new relationship with computer semiconductor design company, AMD.

The Quick Draw / AMD collaboration enables Rodriguez, the director of ‚Sin City,‚ ‚Machete‚ and the ‚Spy Kids‚ franchise, to quickly deliver a more vivid, lifelike experience for audiences worldwide using VISION Technology from AMD to edit and produce his films. Rodriguez most recently used AMD’s technology in the production of his latest feature ‚Spy Kids: All the Time in the World in 4D Aromascope,‚ which opens in theaters on August 19, 2011.

‚I created Quick Draw as an engine to power my ideas into reality and I’m excited to give the fans at Comic-Con a first look at the films we’re developing. These projects will blow the socks off audiences with the sheer quality of a visual experience unlike anything ever seen before, and our collaboration with AMD has been essential in making this a reality,‚ said Rodriguez.

‚Robert is using the AMD VISION Engine and cloud computing technology to create brilliant HD experiences across video, gaming and interactive,‚ said Charlie Boswell, AMD’s Director, digital media and entertainment. ‚VISION Technology from AMD ensures viewers will see Robert Rodriguez’ movies in the way he meant for them to be seen.‚

On Thursday, July 21st, Comic-Con attendees will get a first glimpse at how Rodriguez and Quick Draw will utilize the cutting-edge AMD VISION Engine to take audiences to heights higher than any film experience ever has.

Photo courtesy Flickr user thomascrenshaw.


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