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CES: Robot will fix your teeth

Yomi is the first FDA-cleared robot for dental surgery, but it doesn’t replace your dentist. Yet.

Yomi is the first and only FDA-cleared robotic system for dental surgery. Through a combination of haptic feedback, intuitive visualisation, and audio cues, It helps doctors place implants with superior accuracy and precision.

Dental implant surgery is a process that can take months when traditional methods are used. But patients who choose to have implants placed with the help of Yomi can walk out with a restored smile.

It is a computerised robotic navigational system that assists clinicians during preoperative and intraoperative phases of dental implantation surgery.

The system consists of a robotic arm, which is guided by the clinician at all times, a tracking arm that connects to the patient and follows their position in real time, like GPS, and an easy-to-use software suite, YomiPlan.

Through a combination of detailed digital planning and multi-sensory guidance of surgical instrumentation, It helps doctors place implants with a high degree of precision, efficiency, and safety, so they can operate with confidence, expand their treatment offerings, and deliver an excellent patient experience.

Patient Benefits

  • Efficient Treatment: It allows for same day implant surgery for candidate patients.
  • Minimally invasive: Yomi may allow your dentist to provide surgery with smaller incisions and no sutures.
  • Accurate: It helps your dentist plan and place your implant precisely for a return to dental function and a brilliant smile.
  • Less Pain & Faster Recovery: Improved operative efficiency and accuracy, and a minimally invasive approach leads to less pain and faster recovery.
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