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RIM upgrades MVS

RIM has announced an upgrade to the BlackBerry Mobile Voice System, which improves the ability for customers to make and take enterprise desk phone calls on their BlackBerry smartphones where there is a mobile network or Wi-Fi coverage.

RIM has launched an upgrade to the BlackBerry Mobile Voice System (MVS), increasing the ability of enterprises to support a growing mobile workforce. The upgrade (MVS 5.2) provides greater reliability for MVS customers, improving their ability to make or take enterprise desk phone calls all over the world from their BlackBerry smartphone where they have mobile network or Wi-Fi coverage.

Additional key features include:

– New functionality: call forwarding, enhanced reliability in areas of poor or no data coverage. Whether located in a congested metro area or roaming remotely, BlackBerry MVS helps you stay connected. Enhanced call timers with administrative control help improve the reliability that calls made to and from a user’s business number will be processed successfully, even when a device has poor or no data coverage.

– Expanded business phone systems support: Siemens OpenScape v5, Cisco Business Edition 5000 & 6000

– Supports BlackBerry Handheld 7.1*

BlackBerry Mobile Voice System is designed to unify desk phone features with BlackBerry smartphones with services extending over Wi-Fi networks and mobile carrier networks.

More details about MVS 5.2 can be found at including customer success stories on how BlackBerry MVS is helping organizations achieve regulatory compliance while saving on their telecommunication costs.

Some customer testimonials:

‚”With BlackBerry MVS, callers are seamlessly connected to our users from almost anywhere they are in the hospital, meaning busy staff and physicians don’t need to worry as much about missing important calls.‚” London Health Sciences Centre

‚”In my role of administrator, I can utilise the flexible administration options for managing user profiles and functions in order to select the most cost-efficient user profiles to the benefit of the bank.‚” Bank am Bellevue

‚”For me, one of the most significant features of BlackBerry MVS is that I’m reachable. When someone calls me, all my phones ring simultaneously and I also have the option to transfer a call. If I need to leave the office and my call isn’t done, I can quietly transfer the call to my BlackBerry smartphone while I’m on the move my customer has no idea I’ve done that and I can keep being productive.‚” – Mitel

To watch a video interview about the new MVS 5.2 product, click here:

*excludes BlackBerry Curve 9220/9230


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