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Remote control at your fingertip

eyeSight Technologies has released the world’s first commercial gesture technology that lets users to control digital devices with a fingertip, even from across a room.

With eyeSight’s camera-based ‚’fingertip tracking’ users can, for the first time, move a cursor simply by pointing their finger directly at the screen, for the ultimate intuitive user experience.

The technology developed by eyeSight’s team could revolutionise an almost limitless range of devices, including:

· Televisions Browse complex menus of Smart TVs with no remote to lose

¬∑ Personal computers Control films, music and even games on your computer, laptop or Ultrabook from the comfort of your bed. eyeSight’s technology is even compatible with Windows 8.

· Window displays / Digital signs Enjoy a whole new level of interactive advertising: Browse products and special offers from up to 5m away

The success of any gesture system will be dictated by how ‚’natural’ it feels,‚” commented Gideon Shmuel, CEO of eyeSight. ‚”Just as Apple made control via touch screens feel completely natural a few years ago, we’re hoping to do the same thing with gesture: Our fingertip tracking makes gesture feel so intuitive that eventually people will use it without even thinking about it. Now we’re hoping to make this capability available in consumer devices produced by our customers.‚”

eyeSight is the first company to realise the impressive technical feat of fingertip tracking at a range of 70cm-5 meters (2ft-16ft) . The system is designed to be easy to integrate into almost any digital device with a camera, (such as mobile phones, tablets, laptops, televisions, digital signs, etc.). It works with standard cameras, and can recognize which individuals in a crowded room to ‚’track’.


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