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Record Your Vinyl Records

Vinyl Junkies can enter the digital age, all your old vinyl records can be saved to your computer with a new Turntable from ION Audio and a USB connector…

If you have a big collection of gramophone records at home and it would be good to listen to them now when technology has come so far. Now you can make a copy of old records with this new gadget from ION.

ION has created a revolutionary USB turntable allowing you to convert your old vinyl collection directly to CD or MP3 with included recording software. The iTTUSB also features a switchable phono/line level output for connecting to any home stereo with an AUX input.nnIt is a three speed turntable that can rotate at 33, 45 or 78 RPM depending on the type of the record.  The unique sound that comes from the turntable can now be saved on your PC with help of this new technology. The turntables dimensions are not as big as some of the the old ones, and will easily fit on the table by your computer.nnIn order to record your discs to PC there is special software and a USB connector. You just need to connect this gadget to the computer and start playing the disc. This Turntable supports Plug and Play Technology so you will not have to restart your computer in order to connect.nnAs it plays the songs the computer software records it in MP3 or WMA formats. There is also a track separating function and auto volume control function.
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I read on another site that this needs a step down transformer and if so what is that?


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