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Win the sound of silence for computer peripherals

The computer gadgets we take most for granted are the ones that contribute the most to comfort, writes ARTHUR GOLDSTUCK, as we give away mice and keyboards from Rapoo.

Anyone who works on a computer for a living has wrestled with this dilemma: a machine with great specs can provide a disastrous user experience because the keyboard is too harsh, too gentle, or too loud. Which is another way of saying, everyone has a specific style of use of a keyboard and other accessories, and what may be perfect for one user could spell working doom for another.

This was the conundrum that Chinese peripheral manufacturer Rapoo decided to tackle when it revamped its product line of keyboards and other peripherals. Aside from aiming to make the mouse and keyboard comfortable for any user, it also went on a mission to remove cables.

The Shenzhen-headquartered company understood that, as the first point of contact for desktop and some laptop users, a mouse and keyboard needs to suit one’s style of work. For example, some like a mouse with a prominent clicking sound, while others prefer a silent mouse click. Some would prefer to connect their devices directly via Bluetooth, while others don’t mind a small USB dongle that allows the device to connect to any machine.

Rapoo’s product options include separate keyboard and mouse options, along with bundles that include both devices, for a cost-effective route to wireless productivity.

We are giving eight readers a chance to win the sound of silence. Read on to see how to win one of these devices.

The stand-out unit of those we tested was a humble mouse.

The Rapoo M300 Silent is a non-slip, mid-range mouse with fine-grade tracking. It comes with Rapoo’s latest multi-mode wireless technology, featuring Bluetooth 3.0, 4.0 and 2.4 GHz wireless connectivity. This means it has both built-in Bluetooth and a wireless USB dongle for connection to computers and other Bluetooth-enabled devices. A small USB receiver is stowed in the base of the mouse.

The most significant comfort factor in its compact design is a “silent click” feature, which one can choose if trying to avoid disturbing anyone nearby.

Says Rapoo: “The silent mouse switches allow you to use your mouse freely without disturbing others. This mouse is perfect for late night projects at home, use at public places and while traveling.”

It features a high-performance sensor, adjustable from 600 to 1600 DPI, depending on whether one wants to prioritise accuracy or fast movement. Its power-saving technologies offer up to 9 months’ battery life. It can connect to three devices simultaneously, and switches between them at the click of a button.

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