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R150m boost for fibre

YOFC, a global supplier in the telecoms optical fibre cable industry, will establish a new telecoms fibre cable manufacturing facility in South Africa.

Yangtze Optical Fibre (Africa), with headquarters in Johannesburg, will construct an optical fibre cable manufacturing plant with warehouse facilities in the Dube Tradeport Special Economic Zone of Durban with an initial investment of approximately R150 million and an annual capacity of up to 1,000,000 FKm (fibre kilometres). The investment will be completed and operational in Q4 2016.

The South African telecoms market is experiencing continuous growth due to deregulation, increasing demand for broadband services and the government’s policy to connect residences. Furthermore, the African market is experiencing rapid growth driven by the need for more efficient broadband networks.

YOFC is launching its new facility in order to reinforce its competitive position and benefit from the growing optical fibre cable market in South Africa and Africa.

“South Africa and Africa offer considerable scope for development in all telecoms sectors in the near future, with broadband internet subscribers constantly growing in years to come,” states Zhuang Dan, CEO of YOFC. “Investments in this area are therefore key to help YOFC to be ready to answer to the consequent increase in market demand and to support its customers in the region.”

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