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QlikTech expands OS support



QlikTech, a company specialising in user-driven Business Intelligence (BI), has announced it is expanding QlikView on mobile support for popular tablets and handhelds.

Previously available for Apple iOS, QlikView will now deliver full mobile functionality on Android and BlackBerry platforms and deliver an engaging mobile BI experience that provides business users with anywhere, anytime access to live data and analytics. Unlike first-generation mobile BI apps that only offer prepackaged static reports with limited views, QlikView on Mobile allow users to understand what’s happening with their business as it happens. It also offers the flexibility to instantly adapt analyses, data sources and visualisations to meet changing business needs.

According to Gartner, ‚by 2013, 33 percent of BI functionality will be consumed via handheld devices.‚ With the mobile workforce growing and the mobile device landscape continuing to evolve, it is increasingly critical to enable business users to explore information up, down and sideways, make any associations they choose, and precisely customise mobile BI applications to map to their individual requirements. As the only true Business Discovery solution on mobile, QlikView offers the consumer-like experience users seek, while providing IT the security and manageability it requires.

Mobile Business Discovery enables organisations to incorporate the physical environment into decision making. Users get insight ‚on location.‚ QlikView on Mobile delivers true Business Discovery and the full power of QlikView to the mobile device.

‚Our strategy is to enable business users to conduct searches and interact with dynamic dashboards and analytics from any mobile device,‚ said Jeff Boehm, vice president of global product marketing at QlikTech. ‚They can ask and answer questions on their own and in groups and teams, forging new paths to insight and decision. They don’t have to go back to IT for help with a new query or report each time they come up with a new question. Instead, IT’s role in mobile Business Discovery is to enable self-service BI by assembling and delivering relevant data while ensuring security, scalability, and performance.‚

Support for Browsers on Multiple Tablet Platforms Improves Usability and Time to Value

Organisations can get better usability and faster time to value from their QlikView investments by giving business users access to their QlikView apps via HTML5 browsers on a number of different devices. This means users get a seamless experience with their QlikView apps across tablets and desktop and laptop computers. They get the same functionality and interactivity, without waiting for developers to create new versions of the app for each specific mobile platform.

Browser Support for Smartphones Makes Optimal Use of Small Touch Screens

Business users get improved usability by accessing QlikView on their smartphones using HTML5 browsers. When QlikView Server detects that a user is accessing an app from a smartphone, the server automatically displays the app on the device one object at a time. For small-screen devices such as the iPhone and Android phones, single-object display mode delivers a more intuitive user experience without the need for developers to rebuild applications.

QlikView provides professionals on the go with the BI industry’s most powerful and engaging mobile experience. It features a compelling browser-based user interface to deliver unprecedented freedom to mobile workforces. Users can simply jump in and become instantly productive. With QlikView on Mobile, users get the complete QlikView Business Discovery experience, including interactive analysis, rich visualisation, and associative search capabilities. QlikView delivers live data from any source, specific to user needs, anywhere and anytime decisions are made.

QlikView on Mobile currently supports iPad and Android tablets, with Blackberry tablet and iPhone and Android phone support available in the next 90 days.


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