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Put a photo album on your keychain

The cost of storing, carrying and displaying digital images keeps on plummeting. The latest indication of the trend came this month with Digital Foci announcing it had dropped the price of its new Pocket Album digital keychain photo viewer in time for Mother’s Day.

Digital Foci’s Pocket Album is a new keychain photo viewer that lets mom (or anyone else) carry her favourite photos on a digital keychain with a 1.5-inch colour LCD screen to share and re-live photo moments wherever she goes. Pocket Album holds up to 74 photos in its 8MB of internal memory and is extremely easy to use.

According to Digital Foci, Moms and grandmoms alike will love showing off their baby, children, grandchildren, and other family photos to everyone ‚ but dads and grandpas are surely not immune. The appeal of scrolling manually or through its automatic photo slideshow with adjustable intervals will appeal to all ages and genders.

Pocket Album includes user-friendly Photo Viewer Software that automatically converts JPEG and BMP images from your computer to Pocket Album. Photos are automatically resized for optimal storage and display on the digital keychain. For Mother’s Day, surprise mom by preloading your favourite precious family photos on Pocket Album for her to instantly enjoy straight out of the package. Pocket Album runs on Lithium-ion batteries with up to 9 hours of battery life. The batteries can be recharged with the included AC adapter or with the USB cable by connecting it to your computer. Pocket Album also features a built-in clock with automatic on/off timer. LCD contrast is adjustable for choosing your optimal viewing angle.

Pocket Album Features:

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