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Professor Layton’s back to keep your brain stimulated

Master puzzle supremo Professor Layton and his young apprentice Luke return exclusively to the Nintendo DS family of consoles in their most emotionally charged new adventure yet, Professor Layton and the Lost Future available in South Africa now.

Whether you’re a seasoned Layton gamer or new to these games, there is something to engage and delight everyone. More than 165 new riddles, brain teasers and logic puzzles await you in the most epic and atmospheric instalment yet. Prepare to be emotionally and mentally tested as you travel with Luke and the Professor into an uncertain future‚Ķ And if you just can’t get enough of the puzzles, unlock contents with passwords to be found hidden in previous Professor Layton games.

The story begins when the Professor receives a mysterious letter written by his side-kick Luke‚Ķ. but sent from 10 years in the future! This ‚future’ Luke warns of a terrible calamity that has befallen London and he urgently needs the Professor’s help. Earlier that week, the British Prime Minster disappeared after taking part in a special test on a time machine, which resulted in an explosion. Could this incident be related? Only you can unravel the clues to solve this intriguing mystery.

Join Professor Layton and Luke as they embark on an investigation which takes them on a time travelling journey of mystery and intrigue in a bid to save the future of London from a terrible fate as Professor Layton and the Lost Future is now available in South Africa for Nintendo DS family of consoles and sells for a recommended retail price of R499.

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