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Pre-paid customers reap rewards

MTN South Africa is rewarding its pre-paid subscribers who are on the Call Per Second package by offering them extra value each time they recharge.

This mouth-watering incentive that MTN launched in May 2011 enables MTN customers who are on Call Per Second to get more out of every rand they spend when they recharge, thus giving them the ability to talk longer with their loved ones.

MTN customers who recharge with any airtime recharge voucher below R15 will receive 5% of the airtime value for On-net (voice, SMS, data) usage over the weekend, while airtime recharges of between R15 and R60 will receive airtime value of 10%.

Airtime recharges greater than R60 will receive a whopping 15% value of the airtime purchased.

Says Serame Taukobong, MTN South Africa Chief Marketing Officer: ‚MTN customers adopting the Call Per Second offer can now stay in touch with their family and friends who are also on MTN at lower rates than ever before. Furthermore, MTN Call Per Second which is the default price plan for all prepaid customers, should help to attract more customers to the new offering.‚

Further benefits for MTN customers ‚ especially those calling fellow MTN customers ‚ are more affordable calls across all time periods and enhanced value for money, which means MTN customers get more mileage for the same amount of airtime purchased.


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