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Portable hard drive sports 2-terabytes

Western Digital has announced the-next generation of its My Passport line of portable hard drives, offering consumers 2TB of capacity in a portable drive.

Available in five colours: white, black, silver, blue, and red, with a range of capacities beginning from 500 GB, the new sleeker My Passport portable drives offer digital consumers an array of storage options that reflect their personal style. Additionally, the new My Passport drives offer WD SmartWare automatic backup software and WD Security for password protection and hardware encryption.

With the addition of premium finishes, especially engineered to make the outer shell more resistant to scratches and fingerprints, the new My Passport external drives feature ultra-fast USB 3.0 connectivity: USB 2.0 compatibility: continuous, automatic backup software: and password protection with hardware encryption. The included software offers the flexibility to customise the drive to a user’s storage preferences: installing all features, just the components needed, or using the drive without the software.

Says Anamika Budree, WD Country Manager for South Africa, ‚The new 2 TB model offers massive capacity in an amazing pocket-sized enclosure, affording plenty of secure storage for all of one’s photos, video, music and other important files. Whether for business or personal use, the latest iteration of WD’s My Passport is a ‚must have’, ensuring your documents and multi-media are safely stored and protected.‚

Given the small form factor and easy portability of My Passport drives, the built-in security features of password protection and hardware encryption help protect files from unauthorised use, making the drives safe data repositories for data while offering peace of mind to busy consumers on the go.

‚More than money, jewelry and other valuables, the item most missed if ever lost or stolen is ones computer ‚ and everything on it ‚ so our goal in launching the next-generation of the popular My Passport drives is to encourage more consumers to protect their data before something happens,‚ says Jim Welsh, executive vice president and general manager of WD’s branded products and consumer electronics groups. ‚The new My Passport makes backing up and preserving one’s digital life easier, reliable and more secure than ever ‚ it’s the perfect blend of monstrous capacity, reliability and user-friendly technology in a sleek form factor, now in five colors.‚


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