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PlayStation Vita in SA stores today

Sony’s latest portable gaming device, the PlayStation Vita was made available in South Africa today. The Vita offers full integration with the PlayStation Network and uses a unique rear touchpad for easy control.

PlayStation Vita introduces innovative brand new ways to play and interact. Its unique, intuitive and varied control inputs allow for rich and immersive gaming experiences, while full integration with PlayStation Network and social gaming features allow you to stay constantly connected to a social network of gamers.

With a choice of connectivity options ‚ including 3G network support for the first time in a PlayStation device ‚ PS Vita offers a completely connected gaming experience. The Vita also offers Wi-Fi connectivity.

Features that ensure the best gaming experiences possible:

Social essentials that keep you connected to share, discover, and compare on the move

The Cross-Platform Play feature delivers true cross platform interaction, which allows players to start playing while on the move with PS Vita and continue at home on PS3. Cross-Platform Play also allows players to play head to head – PS3 vs PS Vita.

The following games are now available for the Vita:

Other launch titles include the fun-filled collection of mini games Little Deviants, plus ModNation Racers, Everybody’s Golf, Hustle Kings , Top Darts, EA SPORTS FIFA Football , Ridge Racer, Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus, Rayman Origins and Virtua Tennis 4: World Tour Edition to ensure an impressive lineup that caters for every type of gamer right from launch.

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