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Pill dispensers go wireless



Gemalto, a company specialising in digital security, has announced that Cinterion M2M technology is providing wireless cellular connectivity for the next-generation of pill dispensers.

Developed by MedMinder and wirelessly enabled by Gemalto, the advanced mHealth device for convenient patient use tracks medication intake, sends medical alerts, orders refills and improves prescription compliance. The new, innovative dispenser enhances communication between patients and caregivers, improving the overall well-being, independence and peace of mind for patients.

MedMinder’s smart pill dispensers, equipped with Gemalto’s advanced M2M module, monitor medication usage and send data from the pill box over wireless networks to a central server. Physicians and caregivers can log on to MedMinder’s secure web interface to observe medication adherence and manage changes when necessary. Gemalto’s 20 years’ experience in security combined with its M2M technology ensures this personal information is accessed only by authorised individuals. Continued success of the mHealth industry relies on secure data protection, in which Gemalto is playing a key role.

The solution provides an audio alarm to alert the patient when medication should be taken. Caregivers also receive alerts if scheduled doses are missed giving caregivers the ability to offer real-time support for an enhanced level of medical care. The patient can chose their preferred method of communication as the connectivity enables the pill dispenser to send reminders via text message, email or a phone call. In addition, MedMinder Medication Dispenser has Medical Alert embedded for two way voice channel with the patient’s monitoring center in case of an emergency.

The Gemalto M2M solution allows for secure connectivity that provides 24/7 automated communication between the pill box, patient, doctor and medical alert monitoring center depending on the urgency of the situation” said Eran Shavelsky, CEO of MedMinder. “The technology also offers flexibility and cost-effectiveness for our devices with the option to add new features and expand capabilities in the future without having to redesign the device.

“The World Health Organisation finds that nearly 90% of the world’s population could still benefit from the opportunities provided by mobile technologies,” said Sherry Zameer, VP Telecommunication Solutions for Africa & Middle East at Gemalto. “In addition, PricewaterhouseCoopers predicts mHealth global revenue to reach $23 billion in 2017, with Africa at 5% or $1.2 billion of that total: and forecast that mHealth could save a million African lives by 2017.Continued success of the mHealth industry relies on secure data protection, in which Gemalto is playing a key role. Our M2M technology truly impacts patients’ day-to-day care while protecting both their data and that of healthcare providers, all of which can be seamlessly integrated into healthcare IT systems.

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