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Philips 150MT LCD

LCD’s were first seen on notebook computers as they consumed less power and took up far less space than conventional CRTs. They have now infiltrated the desktop market and no longer suffer from the problems older models did. Philips has just released a range of LCD monitors and included in this range is the 150MT. By SEAN BACHER.

As ready as any monitor can be. Connect it to your PC and plug the AC adaptor into the mains. Power up your machine and you are ready for business. If you want to mix your business with pleasure, be ready to perform a couple of extra tasks. Firstly you need to connect you antenna to the monitor, then, like any other television set, get ready to start programming your stations. If you have other video equipment to connect, the same applies – tune ‚em in before you use ‚em.

Navigating the menu does get a bit dodgy at times, but after going through it a couple of times you should start finding things more easily. We especially liked the separate automatic adjust button that quickly adjusts the picture’s size and position according to your desktop size. Switching between PC mode and television mode is also as easy as pushing a button and if you don’t feel like reaching over and pushing the button below the screen, just use the remote control. The Picture in Picture button is perfect for when you quickly want to catch up on the rugby, push it more than once to adjust the picture size according to how good your eyes are. You can choose three sizes and once you have pushed the button a forth time your rugby game switches off and you are back to work as normal. Programming your stations is quite easy, once again you can do it using the buttons located below the screen or you can use the control.

Yip, it’s a lovely desktop monitor, it saves space, uses less power and gives your office a touch of class.

There is no ground breaking technology in the Philips 150MT. I must however say that the technology has been drastically improved. No longer do you have to sit directly in front of the monitor in order to see the picture and no longer are the colours dull.

At R11 000, I must admit the price is still a little high. But if you are willing to wait a couple of months, the price will come down. Of course there will be something bigger, better and more sophisticated at that stage but that’s the sacrifice you have to make.

For your nearest retailer contact Philips on (011) 471-5000.

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