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Pastel Payroll goes multi-user

Sage Pastel Payroll & HR has added new features to My Payroll Online including support for multiple usernames on a single My Payroll Online account as well as customer service and support via Live Chat on the Web.

Now, each My Payroll Online account supports log-ins for multiple users. This is a particularly welcome piece of functionality for accountants and outsourcing firms that use a My Payroll Online account to administer payrolls for more than one company. The primary account holder can grant users the right to access only specific companies and/or cycles so that users only see information they have permission to access.

This eliminates the admin of sharing information via reports,” says Karen Schmikl, business manager at Sage Pastel My Payroll Online. “We have added this feature because we have found that we have many clients who use My Payroll Online to provide payroll services to multiple companies.

Real-time Live Chat instant messaging, meanwhile, is a popular new support option for My Payroll Online that helps users resolve issues and get answers to their queries quickly. The Live Chat feature makes it simple for end-users to get online help from Sage Pastel in real-time as they are busy using the system.

They can even share their screens and live data with the consultant, making it easier to explain their question or problem and faster to get a resolution. When the user is finished chatting, he or she can request that a transcript of the chat is emailed for later reference.

Says Schmikl: “Customers now have the choice of three support channels: email, the telephone or chat. Web chat is rapidly becoming the preferred support channel because of the convenience it offers busy people who don’t want to wait on hold for telephone support.

In an era of instant messaging, people want immediate help. Live Chat falls in line with this trend. Best of all, free support is now included in the R18 (ex VAT) per employee per month fee for My Payroll Online. This is just another way we make our clients’ business lives easier, and ultimately, give them more freedom to succeed and grow.

More and more SMEs are moving away from managing their payrolls with spreadsheets towards using My Payroll Online. Here are some reasons to choose Sage Pastel My Payroll Online:

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