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Parliament signal jamming illegal?



A statement released by Icasa today implies that the jamming of cellphone signals before the State of the Nation address in parliament was illegal.

The Independent Communications Authority of South Africa has issued a statement comfirming that The use of jamming devices by any entity other than National Security Cluster Departments is not authorized and or permitted. It has welcomed a statement by the Speaker that Parliament will investigate the matter, but indicated it may launch its own investigation.

Icase “noted the purported jamming of communication signal during the joint sitting of Parliament on the occasion of State Of the Nation Address (SONA) 2015”: and added: “The Authority’s position with regards to the use of jamming devices is outlined in the Findings and Conclusions Document on the Enquiry into Mobile Telephone Blocking Devices (Government Gazette No. 24123, Notice 3266 of 28 November 2002).

The position of the Authority on this matter is as follows:

The Authority welcomes the Speaker’s pronouncement that Parliament will investigate this matter. The Authority will liaise with Parliament on the outcome of the investigation. Should it deem it necessary, the Authority may also institute its own investigation into the matter.t

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