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Oracle replicates cloud in customer datacentres 

Oracle has announced Oracle Dedicated Region Cloud@Customer, which adds all of Oracle’s second-generation cloud services, including Autonomous Database and Oracle Cloud applications, to customer datacentres.  

With this offering, enterprises get the exact same complete set of modern cloud services, APIs, industry-leading SLAs, price-performance, and highest levels of security available from Oracle’s public cloud regions in their own datacentres. This is ideal for highly regulated or security-focused businesses needing to meet demanding latency and data residency requirements, reduce operational costs, and modernise legacy applications.   

Over the past few years, enterprise adoption of public clouds has gone mainstream as companies took advantage of the pay-as-you-go economics, scale, and agility of cloud computing.  However, most enterprises expect to continue to run a portion of their workloads in on-premises datacentres for the foreseeable future.  

This has resulted in strong demand from customers for a hybrid architecture where the same services, same functionality, and easy portability of applications exists between their public and on-premises cloud environments.  

On-premises offerings from other cloud providers offer a very small subset of the services available in their public cloud regions. With the new announcement, Oracle is making all of its cloud services – more than 50 services – available on-premise, so enterprises can use Oracle’s cloud services wherever they need them – in the cloud or on-premises via Cloud@Customer. 

“Enterprise customers have told us that they want the full experience of a public cloud on-premises, including access to all of Oracle’s cloud services, to run their most important workloads,” said Clay Magouyrk, executive vice president of engineering, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, during the launch of the new offering. “With Oracle Dedicated Region Cloud@Customer, enterprises get all of our second-generation cloud services, including Autonomous Database, in their datacentres. Our major competitors can’t offer customers a comparable dedicated cloud region running on-premises.” 

Cloud@Customer is certified to run Oracle Cloud applications, including Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications (Cloud ERP, Cloud HCM, Cloud SCM, and Cloud CX), making it a completely integrated cloud experience on-premises. Customers only pay for services they consume using the same predictable low pricing offered in Oracle’s public cloud regions. 

“With Dedicated Region Cloud@Customer, Oracle delivers a slice of its public cloud experience into customer datacentres, with no changes in pricing or capabilities,” said Deepak Mohan, Research Director at IDC. “This represents a new direction for public cloud providers, who have historically offered only limited versions of their services to customer premises.  

“Oracle Dedicated Region Cloud@Customer brings the full capabilities of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications, including over 50 services, to customer premises. This brings together public cloud service capability with the compliance, latency and co-location benefits of on premises – which can be a game changer for large scale digital transformation efforts at enterprises.”  

* Read more about the offering from Oracle here.  

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