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Oracle ‘reinvents’ database protection

During his opening keynote at the Oracle OpenWorld conference in San Francisco, Larry Ellison announced the general availability of Oracle’s Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance.

The Oracles Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance is designed to be the world’s first and only system made especially to protect Oracle databases.

Existing data protection solutions fail to meet the demands of critical databases because they treat databases as files to copy rather than as transactional systems with specific data integrity, performance, and availability requirements. With today’s solutions, business data is lost, end users are impacted, and deployment and management are complex and fragmented. Oracle’s Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance tightly integrates data protection technologies with Oracle Database to address these challenges head-on.

The Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance offers the following features:

*Eliminates data loss: Unique database integration enables continuous transport of redo data to the appliance, providing real-time protection for the most recent transactions so that databases can be restored without data loss.

* Eliminates production impact: Backup algorithms integrated into Oracle Database send only changed data to the appliance, minimizing production database impact, I/O traffic, and network load. All expensive backup processing is offloaded to the appliance.

* Offloads tape archival: The Recovery Appliance can directly archive database backups to low-cost tape storage, offloading production database servers. Archival operations can run both day and night to improve tape drive utilization.

* Enables restore to any point in time: The database change data stored on the Appliance can be used to create virtual full database copies at any desired point in time.

* Delivers cloud-scale protection: A single Recovery Appliance can serve the data protection requirements of thousands of databases in a data center or region. Capacity expands seamlessly to petabytes of storage, with no downtime.

* Protects data from disasters: The Recovery Appliance can replicate data in real time to a remote Recovery Appliance or to Oracle Database Backup Cloud Service to protect business data from site outages. Database blocks are continuously validated to eliminate data corruption at any stage of transmission or processing.

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