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Opera targets Linux developers

Opera Software has released the developer version of Opera 24 for Windows, Mac and Linux, allowing Linux developers to test some of the browsing enhancements like Stash and the Discovery feature.

The Opera desktop browser was re-built from scratch for the Windows and Mac platforms, based on the Blink rendering engine. Opera’s engineers fine-tuned the browser to give it a better performance, smoother experience and improved integration for those platforms. At the same time, Opera has been developing the Linux version to bring the same set of improvements from the very first release.

“We’ve had many questions about Opera on Linux from our users,” says Zhenis Beisekov, Product Manager of Desktop Products at Opera Software. “For us, it was just a matter of time to deliver it. We focused on rebuilding the entire browser, adding a new engine and the same features you can find in the Windows and Mac versions. Now, you can finally get a web experience completely re-thought for the Linux platform.

With this Developer version, Linux users will be able to test some handy browsing improvements, such as the Stash and Discover features. Both make your surfing much easier by organizing web content. The Stash feature allows you to collect scans of your webpages, so you can easily compare offers, hotels or products, while the Discover feature gathers fresh, interesting articles right in your browser.

For now, Opera for Linux is only available in a Developer version. Opera Developer is an experimental product stream, that gives you a sneak peek of upcoming features that might make their way into a stable version in the future. Help fine-tune this version by reporting any problems here.

Developers who want to try out new Opera improvements can download it from the experimental Developer channel at

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