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Opera Mini 7 released for Android

Opera Software today launched the Opera Mini 7 web browser for the Android platform.

The browsing app is described by Opera as “your web surfing soulmate””, already used by 160 million monthly users. The app makes web browsing on the phone faster and can help save costs.

Opera Mini 7 for Android makes browsing faster and panning around sites smoother, thanks to improved hardware acceleration. Opera Mini 7 also allows as many Speed Dial buttons as the user wants. Add all the sites you want to see right from the moment you start up your browser.

Perfect travel companion Ever needed to look something up online when you’re away from your home mobile network? Using the web while traveling can turn into an expensive adventure … unless you’re an Opera Mini user on Android. Opera Mini 7 compresses, squeezes and jams webpages from the network into your phone. Up to 90% of the original data gets cut out, so not only do you use less data, but you also get where you want to go on the web even faster. You’ll also save time on slow networks. Opera is positioning it as “”the must-have web-travel companion””. Download Opera Mini 7 from Android Market or

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