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On the go charging with Targus

Drive Control Corporation has announced the availability of the Targus Dual USB Car Charger and the Targus Car Charger ‚ both designed specifically for mobile devices.

Targus has introduced two new car chargers for mobile devices to enable the businessperson on the road and home user to stay ‚powered up’ and in touch.

The Targus Dual USB Car Charger for mobile devices and the Targus Car Charger for Apple devices are now available from distributor Drive Control Corporation (DCC).

Business and home users are increasingly becoming dependent on their mobile devices to get the job done. However, having your cell phone or mobile device’s battery die when you aren’t close to an electricity source to charge it, can be extremely frustrating, especially so when you are waiting for that all important phone call or deal to come through.

According to Targus’ research 49% of people use their iPads outside their homes. This means that there is not always an opportunity to charge your iPad for the next meeting, which could be a potentially large problem. Targus’ latest devices plug into a vehicle cigarette lighter and charge using battery power.

The Targus Car charger for Apple devices connects to your Apple iPad, iPhone or iPod via a USB cable with the 30-pin Apple connector on the other side. You can also replace the 30-pin Apple USB cable with your own USB cable that fits your non-Apple devices. The Dual USB Car Charger also plugs into the cigarette lighter and has two USB ports. This enables you to charge two USB connected devices, such as a phone, tablet or music player at the same time ‚ as long as it has a USB cable, you can power it up.

‚Being able to charge two mobile devices in your vehicle at the same time is especially handy for business users such a reps who are on the road a lot and use both their smart phone and tablet at the meeting. It is also great for home users with children on long road trips, ensuring the on board entertainment never runs out,‚ says Heinrich Pretorius, Targus Product Specialist at DCC.

He also urges that a hands free kit should be used in conjunction with your phone at all times on the road. The Targus USB Car Charger for tablets and phones is available in white and is distributed by DCC through various retail outlets with a recommended retail price of R399, 00. The Targus Car Charger for Apple devices is available in black and retails at approximately R379, 00. All prices include V.A.T. and both units feature a two-year warranty.


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