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Oh, the horror! World’s first HD scare movie, the world’s first full high definition (HD) video on demand (VOD) and live TV service, has announced the premiere viewing of its first HD horror action flick in instant streaming VOD. Read about The Shadow here …

South Africans can forget about viewing the high definition version of Shadow: Dead Riot, a 2006 release about resurrected slain inmates turned flesh eating zombies that invade a women’s rehabilitation facility.

But it is news that is welcomed by horror movie fans with high speed broadband in search of an HD IPTV solution that best utilises available bandwidth, rendering optimal video performance.

Shadow: Dead Riot will be available in full HD, which uses the 1080p standard, as opposed to the lesser 720p HD standard.

According to Michael Render, principal of RVA LLC, a market research firm that tracks advanced broadband in North America, “There are now over 8 million homes in North America that can now connect to the Internet directly with extremely high speed connections via a direct fibre optic connection (fibre-to-the-home), and 1.5 million households are already directly connected with fibre. This number is growing rapidly, and 25 million North American homes will have access to fibre connections in less than five years.””

Moreover, it appears that applications like IPTV are prompting an ever increasing appetite for broadband. According to Mariam Rondeli, a SNL Kagan analyst, ‚Broadband adoption trends indicate speed has significant allure in the marketplace, fuelled by the proliferation of high-bandwidth applications on the Web.‚

In response, telcos across North America are ramping up rollouts of higher speed broadband connections.

To view this movie in 1080p HD in a home theater environment, a MatrixStream

MX-1 set top box (STB) and 6 Mbps broadband connection, at minimum, will be required. The film will also be available in both 720p HD, requiring a 3 Mbps connection, and 480p (DVD like quality), at 1.5 Mbps connection, which can be seen on either an MX-1 STB or PC Player. has taken advantage of a robust IPTV platform, based on a XMS streaming solution developed by MatrixStream Technologies, featuring sub-second channel changing capabilities, user friendly controls and other enhancements that duplicate and advance the home theatre experience.

This service, combined with an extensive high definition IPTV and VOD title selection, will offer broadband users an alternative to satellite or cable for viewing HD. is currently making available free short HD clips of Shadow: Dead Riot and other VOD titles, including Grey Knight starring Martin Sheen and Billy Bob Thornton, The Brutal Truth starring Christina Applegate and Molly Ringwald, as well as The Cool Surface starring Teri Hatcher and Robert Patrick, and Daddy Who? with Sean Astin and Gabrielle Anwar, through its web site.

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