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Now for the Smart Jukebox

The largest interactive out-of-home entertainment network in the USA, TouchTunes, has launched a revolutionary new digital jukebox at a Las Vegas event featuring performances by Jimmy Eat World and American Idol’s Crystal Bowersox.

Performances by Jimmy Eat World and American Idol’s Crystal Bowersox set the scene in Las Vegas for the launch this week of the most advanced digital jukebox yet.

On 1 March, TouchTunes Interactive Networks, the largest interactive out-of-home entertainment network in North America, unveiled its premier Digital Jukebox, Virtuo. It’s described as a first-of-its-kind system that breaks through the digital entertainment category with advanced music, technology and advertising capabilities.

Virtuo’s breakthrough technology is designed to increase consumer engagement in this compelling environment. Its sleek new design features the industry’s first 26″ landscape user interface, bringing advanced browsing capabilities that create an engaging consumer experience, showcasing its extensive music library, video and interactive advertising abilities.

TouchTunes currently attracts millions of transactions every day through its network of TouchTunes Digital Jukeboxes and TouchTunesTV screens. The company is the market leader in this kind of service in the bar arena, reaching and engaging the tech-savvy 21-35 age demographic.

“”Virtuo is a ground-breaking device that will redefine entertainment and change the way media and content are consumed,”” said Charles Goldstuck, CEO of TouchTunes Interactive Networks. “”It will create a loyal community of users who keep coming back to discover new music and interact with cutting-edge technology. TouchTunes is at the forefront of this growing category and is excited to continue bringing engaging content to users across its networks. It’s a SmartJuke, for a smart audience.””

TouchTunes tapped the global innovation firm frog design to spearhead the design for Virtuo. Together they have introduced OpenStage, a new entertainment platform for interactive, social, music and game play. Moving forward, all TouchTunes devices and software will be developed for the OpenStage platform. Virtuo has been designed as a SmartJuke that constantly evolves the traditional Jukebox in a way that is relevant to the increasing demands of the customer.

Other notable work by frog design in the technology and entertainment categories includes the HP TouchSmart IQ500 and Roku Digital Video Player.

TouchTunes Interactive Networks is headquartered in New York with additional offices in Chicago and Montreal, with 250 employees across the company.

Charles Goldstuck, CEO of TouchTunes Interactive Networks

About TouchTunes Interactive Networks

TouchTunes Interactive Networks is the largest interactive out-of-home entertainment network in North America. TouchTunes provides entertainment and marketing solutions to more than 45,000 bars, restaurants and retailers. Since TouchTunes introduced the world’s first digital downloading, pay-per-play jukebox, the network has become the largest of its kind with close to 2 million songs played, on average, across the network every day.

TouchTunes has a growing music library of more than three million licensed tracks, and delivered more than 750 million songs in 2009 alone. In 2010 TouchTunes launched myTouchTunes, a new way for consumers to interact with the jukebox by allowing them to create playlists and play them on TouchTunes Digital Jukeboxes. myTouchTunes includes jukebox functionality, an online experience, and a new mobile app. The myTouchTunes mobile app has since been named one of the Top 15 4G Apps That Will Matter in 2011 by PC World Magazine.

The company also provides TouchTunesTV, a unique, screen-within-a-screen interactive television experience that wraps around regularly scheduled programming and provides custom advertising capabilities, venue promotions and social networking opportunities.

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