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Now for build-your-own Cell C

Cell C customers are now able to build their own contracts by clicking through a user-friendly application specifically designed for Straight Up post-paid and top-up packages.

By visiting Cell C’s website and clicking on the ‚Build your own contract‚ link located under the ‚Shop‚ button, customers can start building their own contracts under 99 Cents Contract or 99 Cents TopUp.

Customers will be able to price their new contract in three easy steps.

STEP 1: CHOOSE YOUR CONTRACT: Customers can choose one of six Straight Up options (example Straight Up 800).

STEP 2: CHOOSE YOUR PHONE: Customers can choose any of the phones listed as top deals for the specific package chosen or they can click on the ‚choose another phone‚ button for a list of all handset options available from Cell C (Example Samsung Galaxy SIII).

STEP 3: CHOOSE YOUR LENGTH: Customers can choose the length of their contracts (Example 24 months).

Customers are now able to see how much they will pay for the contract they have selected.

Once done, click on ‚I want this‚ and choose to email or print a copy of your new contract. Take it your nearest store and present it for easy ordering.

What’s more?

Customers can also choose to ‚upsize‚ SMS’s and/or data and choose from a range of value-added services including Itemised billing and C-Cover. Blackberry users will also be able to select any of the current Blackberry services i.e. Blackberry Social Plan, Blackberry Social and Email Plan, BIS and BES.

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