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Notebooks get a sound boost

The Verbatim Audio Bar, which is available from Drive Control Corporation, is designed to enhance a notebook’s sound output during presentations and demonstrations.
Boost your notebook sound for presentations, movies, music andnmore with the powerful, compact Portable USB Audio Bar speaker from Verbatim,navailable from distributor Drive Control Corporation (DCC). This handy clip-onnUSB powered speaker is lightweight and portable, offering plug ’n play ease ofnuse and great sound quality that makes it perfect for use in the office or onnthe go.

“As any laptop user knows, the built-in speakers do not delivernoptimal sound quality. In today’s media-rich world, this is not the idealnscenario. The Verbatim USB Audio Bar hooks onto your laptop screen or stands neatlynon your desktop, using a USB port for power and a clever design that offersngreat digital sound clarity,” says Drika Wilkins, Verbatim Product Specialistnat DCC.

“Volume levels range from soft enough for personal use to loudnenough for use in a boardroom during a presentation. It is also ideal for Skypenconversations, ensuring you hear every word. And when you need to pack up andnmove around, you simply unhook the device and pop it into your notebook bag –nit takes up less space than most laptop chargers and weighs just over 100ngrams,” she adds.

With a stylish piano black finish, the Verbatim USB Audio Barnwill match or complement any notebook or desktop design, and is compatible withnboth USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 on Windows and Mac operating systems. The speakerncontains two pre-amplified magnetically shielded metal drivers for ultimatensound quality without the need for additional sound cards. It features anretractable clip to secure the speaker to any notebook while in use, designednto hold fast without damaging the screen.

Measuring 20cm in length, 3.4cm high and 3.4cm wide, with anweight of just 108 grams, the Verbatim USB Audio Bar is highly portable. At twonwatts (RMS) total output power, it is also energy efficient and will not strainnlaptop batteries when they are not plugged in to charge. The Audio Bar comesnwith a 58cm cable so that the speaker can be positioned for optimal soundnquality, for music, movies, presentations and so on.

“When it comes to choosing a notebook, most consumers focus onnthe picture quality, but in today’s world sound quality has become just asnimportant. The reality is that the sound quality on laptops is seldom verynhigh. Verbatim has solved this challenge with a compact, portable speaker barnthat delivers perfect audio for any laptop or desktop. We are excited to benable to add this innovative product to our offering,” Wilkins concludes.

The Verbatim USB Audio Bar ships with a two year limitednwarranty for a recommended retail price of R189, 00. It is available immediatelynfrom DCC.

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