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Norton Ghost 14.0 released in SA

The Norton division at Workgroup has announced the immediate South African availability of Norton Ghost 14.0, which features several of Symantec’s advanced PC backup and recovery tools.
Norton Ghost 14.0 is now available in South Africa, offering a range of advanced PC backup and recovery tools.

Norton Ghost 14.0 backs up and restores a user’s entire PC computer system, including all of its data – applications, settings, folders and files – and offers exclusive remote backup management, high levels of encryption and advanced compression features to ensure that the PC system is protected.

A scene from the Ghost story

“Ghost 14.0 lets users quickly recover lost or damaged files and restore from system failures, even if their computer’s operating system does not start,” says Arno Fourie, Norton product manager at Workgroup.

Ghost 14 leverages Symantec’s ThreatCon global security alerting system to identify threats, trigger automatic incremental backups and protect the user ’s system before an attack can occur.

“It also offers powerful protection and enhanced performance with new features, such as offsite backup to an FTP site or Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices, in addition to long standing features like remote management and LightsOut Restore capability,” says Fourie.

“With Ghost 14, users can back up an entire system or only specific files and folders. Incremental backups and enhanced compression help reduce the amount of required storage, while the product’s encryption technology helps keep all stored data safe and protected.”

The newest version also integrates with Google Desktop, providing users with access to fully searchable backup indexes.

It works with most storage drives, including external hard drives, networked drives, and recordable and rewritable CDs and DVDs.

·         For more information, visit the Symantec web site

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