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Nokia’s new 7210

Nokia’s new colour phones are set to revolutionise the South Africa phone market. SEAN BACHER took the new 7210 for spin and was amazed by its results.

Like any cellphone before you can use it you need to charge up the battery. You also need to set the time and other preferences before you can begin making and receiving calls. If you’re one of those techno-geeks who uses their phone for more than just talking, then you need to punch in the GPRS and WAP parameters before you can start browsing. You also have to fill in all the MMS stuff before you can start sending mug-shots of yourself to other people.

In true Nokia fashion, the phone’s software is straightforward to use and the menus very logically laid out. The colour screen adds a touch of finesse to the overall feel of the phone. One problem I did have with the phone is the keypad layout. In my opinion, the phone is designed more as a fashion accessory than a communication tool. If you are one that relies heavily on SMSing to keep in touch then you might have a bit of a problem. Maybe you should think about getting the 6610, which has exactly the same features but is designed for the conservative businessperson where the buttons take on the traditional layout.

Yip, it makes and receives calls, connects to the ‚Net via WAP over GSM or GPRS and has a host of polyphonic ring tones to keep you entertained for hours. We even managed to download a couple of useful applications from the ‚Net and store them on the phone’s memory. It took us quite a while to set up all the correct MMS parameters but once we had the settings in the correct place we were sending our ugly mug-shots to other MMS enabled phones.

Well, it does have one or two distinctive features. Firstly it has a loudspeaker that enables you to talk whilst driving, keeping your phone out of sight of the cops. It also has a radio function that operates in conjunction with the included headphones. These headphones can also be used as a walk and talk.

R5 400 is quite expensive for a phone. However wait a couple of months and like most other electronic goods, the price will drop dramatically. Also, you’ll probably qualify for a fat discount if you’re acquiring a Nokia 7210 as an contract upgrade.

The Nokia 7210 is available from any major cellular phone reseller, for more information contact Nokia on (011) 799-7400.

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