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Nokia 5100

One of Nokia’s newest additions to their range of colour screen phones is the Nokia 5100. SEAN BACHER takes the 5100 for a test drive.

You will have to charge the battery and set the time and date on the phone. Once that’s done, you are A for away.

The 5100 follows Nokia standard menu layout. All we can say is ‚If you have used a Nokia before, you’ll have no problems using this one.‚ An added feature on all the new Nokia models are the shortcut keys that give you quick access to your phone book, calendar and messages, however we were a bit disappointed that we couldn’t customise the shortcuts.

It definitely does. Making and receiving calls is as easy as ever and the predictive text input makes SMSing a breeze.

Phones that can withstand water, shock and dust are available ten-a-penny. But a phone with a built in torch is not something you see every day and it was an absolute hit with all our testers.

The Nokia 5100 will retail for R4 700 when it arrives in South Africa at the end of April 2003. But we are fairly certain that you will be able to get them a lot cheaper when the service providers start pumping them out with contracts.

The Nokia 5100 will be available from major cellular retail outlets at the end of April 2003.

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