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Get ready to run, hide and sneak around the streets of Carcer City, brutally killing anyone in your way as you try your best to stay alive. SEAN BACHER reviews Manhunt, a role-playing game that will have you holding your breath.

The Story

America is full of rundown towns, gangs patrol the polluted streets and life is cheap. In Carcer City, nothing matters anymore and all that’s left in life are cheap thrills. However, the ultimate rush is the ability for someone to grant another person life and then take it away – all in the name of sport.

Your name is Cash and that’s exactly what has just happened to you. Somebody has saved you from the electric chair, only to put you on the streets of Carcer City to fend for yourself. You have to run, hide, fight and kill in order to stay alive, and all for another man’s enjoyment. If you stay alive long enough, just maybe you’ll be able to find the brute who did this to you …

Game Overview

You start off in one of the many back alleys of Carcer City with your orientation. Your first objective is to suffocate a gang member by throwing a plastic bag over his head. However, before you can do that you have to find the plastic bag, sneak up behind your victim without him hearing you, and attack. The longer you hold down the attack button, the more gruesome the killing and the more points you score at the end of the scene.

Once you have successfully pulled off your first murder, you work your way through this stage, knocking off gang members left, right and centre. On your way you’ll collect a variety of weapons ranging from a shard of glass to a nail-gun. At one stage of the game you’ll even find yourself using a crane to drop refrigerators on your prey! Don’t discount anything that may serve as a weapon.

What we thought

At first we found controlling Cash a little cumbersome – you’ll end up using just about every button on the control. However, once familiarised with the controls we couldn’t stop. In fact, we were so engrossed in the game that we found ourselves whispering to each other as we snuck up on our kills and then screaming obscenities as we watched them fight for their lives.

Unlike most role-playing games, Manhunt doesn’t really require that much reading, apart from the orientation and button configuration. In fact, Manhunt is the type of game that you can switch on and begin playing immediately.


Manhunt is a one-player game and you will need an analogue controller as well as a memory card with a minimum of 120kb free, unless of course you want to start from the beginning every time you switch off your PlayStation.

Gaming Platform

Sony Playstation 2.

Manhunt was provided by Ster-Kinekor Home Entertainment: contact them on (011) 445-7900. Sony PlayStation 2 provided by Cats TellySound Eastgate: contact them on 011 615-8870.

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